Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm So Excited, I Can't Deny It...

It's been over a week since I've been on here. I've been really busy and I also went away for a couple of days to one of my cousin's house. I'm going to college tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm all packed. Well almost I'm still doing some laundry. There's so many blogs to catch up on. It's gonna take some days especially since I'll be in a new school and environment but I love reading blogs so whatever it takes I'm gonna read them all lol.

About the nanny someone found one for my mom. I guess we'll just have to try it to see how it works out. Speaking of my mom, my entire family went to Six Flags three weeks ago and you should've seen her. For those who don't know, Six Flags is an amusement park with rides and games. I go there for the rollercoasters but since I was going with my fam I had to go on some kiddy rides. My mom was too scared to go on any of the rides, so she mostly sat waiting for us. My little sis wanted to go on the spinning teacups and my mom actually agreed to join us. This woman didn't even want to go on the slowass ferry wheel but she wanted to try something that was spinning. When the teacups started spinning, her eyes got big and she said, ye Suru what is this? Why is it spinning like this? Jesus Christ a person with hypertension should not go on this ride. I said mommy just close your eyes. She goes, Suru so you're telling me you and your brothers have been going on crazy things like this all day. Yes Mommy this one is the slowest one we've been on. I'm just laughing my ass off watching mommy close her eyes, and tighten her body. If you saw her you would have thought that the teacup was spinning at 200mph. I love my mommy but it was a bit embarrassing since other people were watching her act like this. You should’ve seen their faces they didn't know what was going on.

PS: can anyone guess what city my awesome college is at. Even if you don't know that many US cities just guess.

HInt: My buddy O and I are gonna be chillin in this city lol

Friday, August 21, 2009

Current Thoughts

Look at this monk. This picture isn't Photoshopped. This can be mastered through some type of meditation. I don't know what it's called. Pretty cool pic tho

Here's a video of miss universe contestants dancing in the Bahamas. You can see Ms. Nigeria shaking what her mama gave her in .39secs. These ladies know how to get loose.

My mommy is thinking about hiring a nanny. As in one of these illegal immigrants women to help take care of my siblings when I'm gone. What do you guys think. I think it'll be helpful but I don't know how I feel about some stranger in our house. What to do, what to do? Momma has to work and they're too young to be by themselves.

I have some sad news.... I burned myself! Ugh I don't know what's wrong with me I'm always burning myself or burning something. One time I almost burnt down our old place. We used to live in an apartment and my mom told me she was going to the basement to do laundry. I was supposed to watch the food. I went into my room to watch TV and I forgot about the food. It burnt and burnt and burnt and I didn't smell it. The alarm sounded for the entire building and I didn't know it was because of me. As I came outside the room, I saw my mom and some firefighters. She just kept asking me, How could you not smell it when I could smell it aaaaaaaaall the way from the elevator? How could you not smell? Oh Shit! (that's my mom's usual curse word) Suru, how could you not smell it? I probably deserved a slap for that one but I really didn't smell anything. Anyways, I was making pancakes and I accidentally touched the pan with the back of my hand. I don't even know how I did that. But that's how I burned myself and I have a burnt scar in the shape of a cute capital L. I guess it's not that bad.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

College Here I Come

I'm heading to college August 29!!!! It's my first year so I'm super excited. I'm already in love with my college. It's in a GREAT city. Honestly I think I'm loving the city more than the college. This sounds kinda perfect right? It's not.

Problema una: Minority Status. Even though technically I'm a minority in the US, I've never felt like one. Until Now. My college has about 8% blacks and 8% hispanics. I'm used to having mostly blacks and hispanics in my school so I know the adjustment is gonna be a litlle difficult. It's also a rich school and there's a lot of snobby kids. FML I can't stand people who think they're better than everyone else just because they have money.

Problema Dos: Mommy. I'm going out of state and she's freaking out. Her first child going away. This woman told me that I have to come home on the weekends so I can take some soup and garri since I won't be able to cook. Poor mommy is already missing me. She said she doesn't know what she's gonna do without me. She's also a single mom so it's gonna be harder for her raising my siblings without me there. I think she's gonna cry that day. awwwww

Problema Tres: I'm currently Undecided. When I was little I wanted to be a doctor. When I got older I realized how much I didn't like science. All that biology, chemistry stuff made my head hurt. I didn't want to spend that many years in school either. It was the idea of helping people that I liked but not the work. I'm now really really interested in International Affairs. When I told my mom she made sure the entire world knew. Everyone I know including my pastor talked to me advising me telling me that I'm making a mistake by not doing something in the science field. The thing is they just annoy me and don't change my opinion. I know I'm taking a risk, but I'll be fine. Not every Nigerian has to be a nurse or a doctor.

I'm using my mom's laptop which is hindering my creativity since it doesn't feel like mine. Sorry if this post sucks lol I do appreciate those who read and those who comment on my blog. Gracias!

I don't want to be
Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do
Is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms
Wondering what I've got to do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me

-Gavin DeGraw's "I don't wanna be"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AHH! Wonders Shall Never End

Hey! I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did. I saw someone I hadn’t seen in while. I remember when something happened she always said AHH! Wonders shall never end. If she heard a gist she said AHH! Wonders shall never end. It didn’t matter if you were speaking Yoruba or English she always replied with AHH! Wonders shall never end. Well you get the point. So this weekend I heard about something that made me go AHH! Wonders shall never end. On Sunday I went to a birthday party for someone in my church. God please forgive me o because I didn’t go to church that day but I went to the party. I saw this man that used to attend my church so it made me wonder why he stopped coming. When I got home I asked my mom and boy was I shocked by the reason. It turns out he and his wife got into a nasty divorce. His wife, aunty Tosin seemed like such a devout Christian. When I was taking this 3 month baptismal class she was my teacher. The class was mostly youth girls and she would always tell us that we’re not supposed to have boyfriends. She said it was not only a sin to have sex but to kiss. So when we asked her how we were supposed to find a husband aunty Tosin said we just have to pray on it. If we continue to pray for a husband then God will reveal him to us. In my head I was thinking okay so a face will just appear in my head and I’ll just know that’s my husband abi? No dating no nothing. Okay then. Aunty Tosin was pretty much our Christian mentor even after we got baptized and graduated from her class. So when I heard she was divorced especially from such a great man I couldn’t understand what could have cause it. Aunty Tosin’s husband, Uncle Solomon, told my mom that ever since she finished nursing school, his wife changed. Here was a man that not only paid the bills but also paid for her nursing school. Aunty Tosin had been cheating on him. She had a boyfriend and would go to a hotel with him and wouldn’t come home till late at night. When Uncle Solomon found out he forgave her. One day when he got home, she had changed all the locks in the house and called the police on him for harassment. She then filed for divorce. Uncle Solomon has been so depressed that he hasn’t been able to come to church. He also must be a little ashamed. He was advised to let her keep the house because she’ll probably win it court so he now lives in a one bedroom apartment in a not so nice area. The two of them didn’t have children. They were trying for years but no child. I don’t know which one of them couldn’t reproduce but I know usually in our culture they blame the women and send her packing and tell the man to marry another wife. Uncle Solomon never wanted to leave her and claims to have never cheated on her. Now you see why this story made me say AHH! Wonders shall never end.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling Poetic

I Shall Return

Cold holds me in a strong grip
As I sing this song in a strange land,
I don’t wake up to hear the cock crow
Nor do I hear the bleating of sheep
And the somber sound of the bull being led to slaughter at the market place

I can’t see the Egungun dancing
Nor do I hear the sweet sound of the dundun,
I don’t see a bistro to eat amala and assorted meat,
All I hear is “are you alright? ”.

Here dusk comes at 8 pm,
I can’t see children playing under the moonlight
I can’t feel the love that I grew up with
All I see is individualism

Last night I dreamt about my ancestors,
The living dead from Tede and Otu
Who urged me to return and feel the smell of my ancestral Vegetation
And commune with the living and the living dead

To you the living dead I owe this
No matter how sweet this journey is
I shall come back home

Return home I must
To share in the joy of the first harvest
To gyrate to the sweet sound of the bata
And to partake in bringing forth another dawn
By driving away the children of the dark.

NOTE: Egungun is a Yoruba word meaning masquerade. Amala is a Yoruba food prepared with yam flour. Bata and dundun are Yoruba drums.

I discovered this poem by Martin Ayanbare Ayankola in April when I was doing a poetry project. I wanted to right something about my culture but I wasn't doing it justice so I searched online and found some really nice poems.

Remembering Nigeria (I)

“Story, Story,”
“Story, Story,”
“There once lived a tortoise...”
Oh I wish I could go back to those days
When we children found joy sitting under the stars
Listening to fables told by sweet grandmothers

I wrote "Remembering Nigeria." It's not as good as "I Shall Return" but it was the best I could do. I still like it since its personal about my childhood with my grandmother.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Remeber The Time Part Dos

NO WAY!!! I've been active on here for a month and I've already been recognized. I'm one of Blogsville Gist's favorite newbie bloggers. Yay!!!!! Okay I think I'm being too giddy for 2am. For some reason I can't seem to be on here unless it's late. Anyways heres the continuation for "I remember the time" I don't know how to link it so just scroll down to read part one. :)

I kept checking that desk hoping the 10 naira would appear but it didn't. This girl (i don't remember her name and I don't even want to give her a name) was staring at me. I told her I couldn't find the money and she said it wasn't even her money. She said it was her moms and she'll be in trouble if she didn't get it back. I told her I'll bring the money to school the next day. (Back then I lived with my two young aunts and my uncle in Lagos in my stepdad's house. My mom and my stepdad were in the US.) After I ate dinner I heard my aunts saying that they were gonna be staying out late next week Monday so I might have to stay with one of their friends. They weren't talking to me though they were just discussing it.

The next day at school I saw this girl and fear catch me o. I forgot about this girl and her money. What was I going to do now? She asked for her money and I said I forgot but she should walk home with me to get it. As we got to the corner of my street I told her to wait there for me. When I got home I was too scared to ask my aunts for money so I just let the girl wait there for me and I never came back out. (Mistake #5 I should've just told the truth!!!) This girl too was ode I mean everyday after school we walked home together and she waited for me to come to the street corner and give her her money. But I never came. Then it was Monday.

It was after school and she started crying. She said if she didn't bring the money today that her mom was gonna kill her. I didn't know what to do so I freaked out. I told her I was gonna go home with her. Don't ask me what I was thinking 'cause I don't know. We're walking to her house and I have no idea where I am. Then I spot my aunt's friend's shop and I go in there. (this luck prob saved my life) I told this girl I was going in there to get money. I told my aunt's friend Rita that my aunts told me they were staying somewhere late and that I should come to her shop right after school. Rita bought the story and said I could sit in her shop.

Long story short, everyone and their mama went around Lagos looking for me. My step-grandma went to one of those babalawos (idol worshippers) and asked him about my future. Was it that serious? He said it would be difficult but with a positive outcome. Around 8pm Rita decided to take me home to see if anyone was there. As I entered the house my heart dropped thinking I was in so much trouble. My stepgrandma asked me where I was so I lied and said my aunts told me to go to their friends house after school. My aunts who were about 19 and 21 got in so much trouble. After that school year I was sent to go live with my grandmother in our hometown. My aunts thought it was their fault and I never told anyone the truth. The girl never got her money unless she did steal it which I think she did but who knows? If she didn't then mehn I feel sorry for that girl I mean waiting everyday after school for 10 naira that's serious.

But the question is why did I ever lie in the first place? Why did I ever tell the girl I could get her superglue? What if I had went to her house? I can't even imagine what could have happened to me. Moral of the story is never tell a lie it could lead to you been sent to a small town. lol

BTW currently reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley it's really good so far.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Late Night Blogging

This blogging thing is not as easy as I thought it would be. It's like moving to a new country where you don't really know anyone and you hope you can somehow learn your way around quickly so you can fit in. I'm gonna try to randomly say what's on my mind right now.

1. I'm on my laptop and my tv is also on. I'm seeing this fake pastor promoting his miracle spring water while mostly black women are getting up supposedly being instantly healed of their aches and sicknesses etc so I'm thinking if I buy this water and I'm not healed of this acne that's on my face can I sue? I mean this is America... lol

2. I wish someone would just list some blogs that I should definitely check out there are so many blogs I wanna start with the good ones but Idk what those are.

3. I really want a new laptop damn maybe I should have went to church on Sunday to pray on it.

4. My mom came home today with seven shirts of Michael Jackson. I knew she was a fan but damn and she wore one of them to work AND she's saving one of them to wear to Nigeria.

5. I don't really write with commas. I would rather just put a period.

6. I feel bad for overweight people lol seriously I do. It's like there's so many situations I've witnessed that just makes things uncomfortable when you're overweight. I'm a US size 0/1 and when I'm at a McDonalds stuffing my face no one really cares but for an overweight person people just make faces or make comments to their friends.

7. I have become a reality show junkie this summer. I guess they've become my guilty pleasures. So I was excited for Koko Mansion but what kind of nonsense show was that? Reality TVs are train wrecks but this was a train wreck I didn't mind not looking at.

That's enough randomness for now... I'll continue my "I remember The Time" story later... The ending is really good as in a babalawo got involved see me see trouble o lol and it's a true story btw :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Remember The Time

School is always interesting especially in Nigeria. When I was about 7, I found one of my uncle's superglue and I took it to school. I thought it was cool and I was showing it to people. Everyone was amazed and you know as a kid it doesn't take much to amaze us. This girl asked me where I got it from and I said it was mine that I got it from a store. (Mistake #1 Did I forget lying is a sin?) The girl asked me to buy her one at that store. I agreed (Mistake #2 especially since I didn't even know what store sold superglue). Then the girl asked me how much it cost so she could give me money and I said it was 10 naira. (Mistake #3 especially since I didn't really know how much super glue cost. What did this girl want to do with superglue anyway? Maybe smell it and put it on my thumb which was what I loved doing with it. The girl gave me the money right there on the spot in the classroom and immediately I put the money in my desk. (Mistake #4 was I so naive to think that it was safe there?) After lunch and recess aka the place where I once injured myself, we came back to the classroom and the girl said she didn't want to buy superglue anymore. She told me to give her her money back. I smiled inside and quickly went inside my desk to get the money. At that moment I thought tank you Jesus u don save me from dis girl for I no no where I go they find super glue.(sorry my pigden sucks since there's no one I ever had to speak it to but i sabi pidgen well well It's just not the same when I speak it). I put my hand inside my desk and I felt no money.O God I bent down and looked in there and still no money. Ah Chineke my mind is racing. I turn to the girl and she's staring me down waiting for her money and quickly I knew what happened. Ole! Who stole that damn money? The answer seemed obvious but with the drama that continued with this girl whom I barely knew the answer to that question is... to be continued I gots to get some sleep I'm waking up extra early tomorrow and this is getting long. I'm still jamming to MJ songs btw lol

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am not my hair

If you haven't seen this already here is a preview to Chris Rock's upcoming documentary called "Good Hair."

I don't know what to make of it completely but I definitely want to watch it. It's crazy because I've actually been having problems with my own hair lately. I have this urge to shave it off. It's something I've always wanted to do but I'm just waiting for the right time. I just feel like starting over and make better decisions with what I do with my hair you know? I've never been a slave to weaves or relaxers (even tho I use them sometimes) but I don't want to have to use them ever. I know some people might not agree with me but as a whole I think we look down on our afro hair when it should empower us. It's different and we can do things with it that other races can't easily do with their hair. Black is beautiful. Let's embrace our hair. I'm not saying we shouldn't put chemicals in our hair but too many of us are too dependent on them.... Well I can't wait to see this documentary and hopefully it brings a change to how we treat our hair. Hopefully black girls will learn to love their natural hair. Hopefully someday my little sister will no longer look in the mirror and say I want my hair to look straight and nice like the girl on tv.

BTW if you're trying to grow your hair or you have breakage or you just have any questions about your hair, these two websites are amazing! Plus a lot of the members have websites that show personally what they do and stuff.

One of many of my favorite songs by India.Arie

Monday, August 3, 2009

So Please Don't Mess Up The Trick...

“Hey young world! I’m the new Slick Rick” – I’m still not tired of hearing Knock You Down on the radio.
Michael Jackson. I like the countless people in the world grew up loving Michael. His music, his dances, his outfits were genius. But please media let this man rest in peace! Every time I see MJ on tv I quickly turn away because I just can’t stand to hear these controversies about his death. Let the man rest and let his family mourn and move on in peace. I love you MJ!!! I felt like more than a fan because I felt sort of close to you like I knew you…

Michael Jackson sung the words, “it don’t matter if you’re black or white.” And the truth is it really shouldn’t matter but in this world it sadly does. I’m not even talking about differences in races or racism, I’m just talking about skin color. A lot of dark-skinned people bleach their skin. Why do people put all of those chemicals on their skin just to make it lighter? Why can’t they just be happy with what they have? At first I looked at it as a white supremacy thing. You know that whites are supposed to be superior to other races. Especially since it’s not only blacks that do it, I know for a fact Indians also do it. But then I realized that whites do just the same thing. No not bleaching their skin but darkening their skin. They also go through dangerous lengths to change their skin color. They tan in the sun or in tanning booths or spraying things on their skin. What would be their excuse for wanting to change their appearance? So back to my main question, why can’t people be happy with what they have? I mean we’ve all been self-conscious about the way we look but trying to alter your skin color just seems really disturbing. I feel like we all have different skin color for a reason and we should start complimenting each other and appreciate each other. So my advice is tell a friend how beautiful his or her complexion is. It might not work but it doesn’t hurt to give compliments.

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