Thursday, August 20, 2009

College Here I Come

I'm heading to college August 29!!!! It's my first year so I'm super excited. I'm already in love with my college. It's in a GREAT city. Honestly I think I'm loving the city more than the college. This sounds kinda perfect right? It's not.

Problema una: Minority Status. Even though technically I'm a minority in the US, I've never felt like one. Until Now. My college has about 8% blacks and 8% hispanics. I'm used to having mostly blacks and hispanics in my school so I know the adjustment is gonna be a litlle difficult. It's also a rich school and there's a lot of snobby kids. FML I can't stand people who think they're better than everyone else just because they have money.

Problema Dos: Mommy. I'm going out of state and she's freaking out. Her first child going away. This woman told me that I have to come home on the weekends so I can take some soup and garri since I won't be able to cook. Poor mommy is already missing me. She said she doesn't know what she's gonna do without me. She's also a single mom so it's gonna be harder for her raising my siblings without me there. I think she's gonna cry that day. awwwww

Problema Tres: I'm currently Undecided. When I was little I wanted to be a doctor. When I got older I realized how much I didn't like science. All that biology, chemistry stuff made my head hurt. I didn't want to spend that many years in school either. It was the idea of helping people that I liked but not the work. I'm now really really interested in International Affairs. When I told my mom she made sure the entire world knew. Everyone I know including my pastor talked to me advising me telling me that I'm making a mistake by not doing something in the science field. The thing is they just annoy me and don't change my opinion. I know I'm taking a risk, but I'll be fine. Not every Nigerian has to be a nurse or a doctor.

I'm using my mom's laptop which is hindering my creativity since it doesn't feel like mine. Sorry if this post sucks lol I do appreciate those who read and those who comment on my blog. Gracias!

I don't want to be
Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do
Is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms
Wondering what I've got to do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me

-Gavin DeGraw's "I don't wanna be"


  1. ha, firrrssttttt
    plus i love that song, it plays on one tree hill ol da tym!!!

    college is not that hard, plus, im guessing ur around 18??? ul be young wen u graduate, but oh wellllllll, intl affairs is great tooooooo :)) they'll come around don't worry.

  2. Just do what comes to you naturally...go for what you want to do,and all the best in that!!

  3. Good luck with school..
    I can relate to the emotions your mom will be feeling seein as my folks did the same..

  4. Best of luck o!
    Follow your mind.

  5. goodluck oh...u even live in the states..i came here from nigeria straight into a school that has 97percent white school..its going to be fine,as long as you let them know whos boss.
    and dont study something for another person...or you'd regrt it all of your life.

  6. Awwww good luck honey. You will be just fine! As per being undecided, DO YOU. Remember you're the one who is gonna spend 4 years in school and have to live with the degree so do what makes YOU happy.

  7. aww...momma is most def goin to miss you, it's natural!

    sometimes, stepping outside your comfort zone helps you become a better person...most of the blacks i hang around are 9jas (99.5%) and the rest are whites, hispanics, helps me learn a lot about them and handle them'll be fine

    as for what you want to study, pray and ask God to lead the way...that's always the best path to take...


  8. same here, wntd 2 be a doc b4 buh now m nt doin nymore nd stl luv wt m doin, so it means u ll survive... Gud luck babe....

  9. Do what makes u happy, coz in the end, u r the one stuck with it.
    Hoping u have a great first year of college, can be tough being away from home and all, but u can do it!
    Looking forward to college tori

  10. CereballyBusy: I love One Tree Hill I always sing along when the song comes up. Yeah I'm 18 I think I can do med if I try but I don't have the drive for it.

    Blogoratti: Thank you. I'm hoping it all works well

    Rocnaija: Thanks. I think most parents feel the same way when their child goes away.

    Rene: Gracias! I will follow my mind

    Leggy: u try oh. 97percent white people I'm not racist but I need more diversity than that lol

  11. Original Mbeke:I will definitely be doing me lol

    David: It's def gonna be a learning experience. And I'll continue to pray.

    TaoFierce Ameen: I had to slow down to read what you wrote you're missing so many letters lol I will survive!

    Chayoma: I can't wait to write college story. I'm living in the craziest dorm soo that should be interesting to blog about. I'm thinking about even doing a college series.

  12. Mehn! My mom wanted me to be a Doc too but when I saw the med school here it was so depressing! Its like the students had no life! Plus I don't like reading all the time!

    College is fun fun fun! You just have to remember to study! I'm sure your mom will miss you lots!

  13. Congrats and all the best. Enjoy all that is on tooo, let it all pass through you. That is life and experience. Take care.

  14. Just keep yo kool, girl, i'm sure u'll be just fine.

  15. awww your mum will surely miss you. All the best, its a wonderful experience i tell you...

  16. Lady X: lol on remembering to study. I'll try not to party too much.
    Mybe Whitman: Thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for the advice.
    Kay9: Thanks! I'm keeping my cool t

    BSNC: Yea I'm gonna miss her too :(

  17. congrats! wish u the best gurl!!!
    u'll be fine!

  18. ohh mee toooo im going away to uni in kinda super excited about it lol


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