Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling Poetic

I Shall Return

Cold holds me in a strong grip
As I sing this song in a strange land,
I don’t wake up to hear the cock crow
Nor do I hear the bleating of sheep
And the somber sound of the bull being led to slaughter at the market place

I can’t see the Egungun dancing
Nor do I hear the sweet sound of the dundun,
I don’t see a bistro to eat amala and assorted meat,
All I hear is “are you alright? ”.

Here dusk comes at 8 pm,
I can’t see children playing under the moonlight
I can’t feel the love that I grew up with
All I see is individualism

Last night I dreamt about my ancestors,
The living dead from Tede and Otu
Who urged me to return and feel the smell of my ancestral Vegetation
And commune with the living and the living dead

To you the living dead I owe this
No matter how sweet this journey is
I shall come back home

Return home I must
To share in the joy of the first harvest
To gyrate to the sweet sound of the bata
And to partake in bringing forth another dawn
By driving away the children of the dark.

NOTE: Egungun is a Yoruba word meaning masquerade. Amala is a Yoruba food prepared with yam flour. Bata and dundun are Yoruba drums.

I discovered this poem by Martin Ayanbare Ayankola in April when I was doing a poetry project. I wanted to right something about my culture but I wasn't doing it justice so I searched online and found some really nice poems.

Remembering Nigeria (I)

“Story, Story,”
“Story, Story,”
“There once lived a tortoise...”
Oh I wish I could go back to those days
When we children found joy sitting under the stars
Listening to fables told by sweet grandmothers

I wrote "Remembering Nigeria." It's not as good as "I Shall Return" but it was the best I could do. I still like it since its personal about my childhood with my grandmother.


  1. 'I shall return' is a great read -- and yours is a good start -- may I add that if you keep at it, you will find that it comes a wee bit easier the next time?

  2. Great,i'd be back to read more of your works.
    Nice seeing you at mine's...All the best,yea*

  3. both are really nice...i've never tried writing a poem...maybe i should:)

  4. i loved the first one...but u tried sha...atleast it came from the heart.

  5. Not one of my forte's..
    Loved the blend of distinct Yoruba words and English though..

  6. we have many good poet on blogsville.


  7. Ahhh,
    like the first poem a great deal.
    I do believe u were off to a great start, keep at it. it will come to you when u least expect.

  8. Loovly poem. And i like your name too, "Suru".

  9. lovely poem, love the 2nd paragraph a lot for some weird reason.

  10. @everyone lol (I'm been lazy): I really appreciate your comments. I'm done with poetry for now it's not really my forte.


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