Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am not my hair

If you haven't seen this already here is a preview to Chris Rock's upcoming documentary called "Good Hair."

I don't know what to make of it completely but I definitely want to watch it. It's crazy because I've actually been having problems with my own hair lately. I have this urge to shave it off. It's something I've always wanted to do but I'm just waiting for the right time. I just feel like starting over and make better decisions with what I do with my hair you know? I've never been a slave to weaves or relaxers (even tho I use them sometimes) but I don't want to have to use them ever. I know some people might not agree with me but as a whole I think we look down on our afro hair when it should empower us. It's different and we can do things with it that other races can't easily do with their hair. Black is beautiful. Let's embrace our hair. I'm not saying we shouldn't put chemicals in our hair but too many of us are too dependent on them.... Well I can't wait to see this documentary and hopefully it brings a change to how we treat our hair. Hopefully black girls will learn to love their natural hair. Hopefully someday my little sister will no longer look in the mirror and say I want my hair to look straight and nice like the girl on tv.

BTW if you're trying to grow your hair or you have breakage or you just have any questions about your hair, these two websites are amazing! Plus a lot of the members have websites that show personally what they do and stuff.

One of many of my favorite songs by India.Arie


  1. I know the feeling...I have a hair fetish...not weaves and stuff, i just experiment wiv my hair a lot. I recently removed my Dreadlocks *SOB SOB* now i have a budding afro (i'm a natural hair freako!)...Abeg don't 'scrape' your hair least not 'fadan'... lol...experiment someway else, joooooo

  2. India Arie is my babe.
    We've been together since like forever...Now, if only she would know I exist.

  3. @aeedeeaee Omg I just recieved my first comment! When I told my mom she said what are you thinking it won't fit you.

    @ManCee India Arie is awesome!

    Thanks for commenting guys and tell your friends to check out my blog.


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