Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Remeber The Time Part Dos

NO WAY!!! I've been active on here for a month and I've already been recognized. I'm one of Blogsville Gist's favorite newbie bloggers. Yay!!!!! Okay I think I'm being too giddy for 2am. For some reason I can't seem to be on here unless it's late. Anyways heres the continuation for "I remember the time" I don't know how to link it so just scroll down to read part one. :)

I kept checking that desk hoping the 10 naira would appear but it didn't. This girl (i don't remember her name and I don't even want to give her a name) was staring at me. I told her I couldn't find the money and she said it wasn't even her money. She said it was her moms and she'll be in trouble if she didn't get it back. I told her I'll bring the money to school the next day. (Back then I lived with my two young aunts and my uncle in Lagos in my stepdad's house. My mom and my stepdad were in the US.) After I ate dinner I heard my aunts saying that they were gonna be staying out late next week Monday so I might have to stay with one of their friends. They weren't talking to me though they were just discussing it.

The next day at school I saw this girl and fear catch me o. I forgot about this girl and her money. What was I going to do now? She asked for her money and I said I forgot but she should walk home with me to get it. As we got to the corner of my street I told her to wait there for me. When I got home I was too scared to ask my aunts for money so I just let the girl wait there for me and I never came back out. (Mistake #5 I should've just told the truth!!!) This girl too was ode I mean everyday after school we walked home together and she waited for me to come to the street corner and give her her money. But I never came. Then it was Monday.

It was after school and she started crying. She said if she didn't bring the money today that her mom was gonna kill her. I didn't know what to do so I freaked out. I told her I was gonna go home with her. Don't ask me what I was thinking 'cause I don't know. We're walking to her house and I have no idea where I am. Then I spot my aunt's friend's shop and I go in there. (this luck prob saved my life) I told this girl I was going in there to get money. I told my aunt's friend Rita that my aunts told me they were staying somewhere late and that I should come to her shop right after school. Rita bought the story and said I could sit in her shop.

Long story short, everyone and their mama went around Lagos looking for me. My step-grandma went to one of those babalawos (idol worshippers) and asked him about my future. Was it that serious? He said it would be difficult but with a positive outcome. Around 8pm Rita decided to take me home to see if anyone was there. As I entered the house my heart dropped thinking I was in so much trouble. My stepgrandma asked me where I was so I lied and said my aunts told me to go to their friends house after school. My aunts who were about 19 and 21 got in so much trouble. After that school year I was sent to go live with my grandmother in our hometown. My aunts thought it was their fault and I never told anyone the truth. The girl never got her money unless she did steal it which I think she did but who knows? If she didn't then mehn I feel sorry for that girl I mean waiting everyday after school for 10 naira that's serious.

But the question is why did I ever lie in the first place? Why did I ever tell the girl I could get her superglue? What if I had went to her house? I can't even imagine what could have happened to me. Moral of the story is never tell a lie it could lead to you been sent to a small town. lol

BTW currently reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley it's really good so far.


  1. Lol..
    One small lie always leads to a bigger lie...
    Still.. You did get to enjoy some granny love in the end.

  2. lmao...i kept thinking..for 10naira?lol
    then i realised that it was probably big money then.

  3. lol l like your moral of the story. lol all that for 10 naira maybe it had value then. 10 naira could buy you drinks and biscuit abi..

  4. this was strangely funny. all on top 10 bucks... wow. do you still talk to the chick? you should ask her about it, lol

  5. @Rocnaija yeah living with my granny was the best
    @leggy lol Idk y I didn't just ask my aunts for the money or why the girl kept chasing me
    @bsnc thanks it wasn't worth it for 10 naira
    @missfab nope after I got sent away I lost touch with everyone from that school

  6. Damn,
    the things we did for 10 naira.
    Digging this one

  7. chei, Suru, living with grams was the best becos grams know how to spoil the grandchildren, Abi?

    and me thinks that girl was just digging else will she be keeping quiet after ur 419 day after day. eh? but u no see am o..


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