Friday, August 7, 2009

I Remember The Time

School is always interesting especially in Nigeria. When I was about 7, I found one of my uncle's superglue and I took it to school. I thought it was cool and I was showing it to people. Everyone was amazed and you know as a kid it doesn't take much to amaze us. This girl asked me where I got it from and I said it was mine that I got it from a store. (Mistake #1 Did I forget lying is a sin?) The girl asked me to buy her one at that store. I agreed (Mistake #2 especially since I didn't even know what store sold superglue). Then the girl asked me how much it cost so she could give me money and I said it was 10 naira. (Mistake #3 especially since I didn't really know how much super glue cost. What did this girl want to do with superglue anyway? Maybe smell it and put it on my thumb which was what I loved doing with it. The girl gave me the money right there on the spot in the classroom and immediately I put the money in my desk. (Mistake #4 was I so naive to think that it was safe there?) After lunch and recess aka the place where I once injured myself, we came back to the classroom and the girl said she didn't want to buy superglue anymore. She told me to give her her money back. I smiled inside and quickly went inside my desk to get the money. At that moment I thought tank you Jesus u don save me from dis girl for I no no where I go they find super glue.(sorry my pigden sucks since there's no one I ever had to speak it to but i sabi pidgen well well It's just not the same when I speak it). I put my hand inside my desk and I felt no money.O God I bent down and looked in there and still no money. Ah Chineke my mind is racing. I turn to the girl and she's staring me down waiting for her money and quickly I knew what happened. Ole! Who stole that damn money? The answer seemed obvious but with the drama that continued with this girl whom I barely knew the answer to that question is... to be continued I gots to get some sleep I'm waking up extra early tomorrow and this is getting long. I'm still jamming to MJ songs btw lol


  1. Hmmm...your first lecture in the Humanities, eh?

    ps: please remove the 'word verification' thingy. Tis kinda annoying. :-)

  2. Yeah my first of many... I didn't even know I had that thanks for telling me.

  3. ha ole! all because of super glue, lol. so was it the chick that took the money???

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. i tink twas the chick dt 'stole' her money

  5. lol...thank God sey u realise ur many mistakes lol nd in summary u were scammed for N10 cos it's sooo obvious dat yahoo yahoo chick took d money lol

  6. It just had to be the chic, no?


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