Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm So Excited, I Can't Deny It...

It's been over a week since I've been on here. I've been really busy and I also went away for a couple of days to one of my cousin's house. I'm going to college tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I'm all packed. Well almost I'm still doing some laundry. There's so many blogs to catch up on. It's gonna take some days especially since I'll be in a new school and environment but I love reading blogs so whatever it takes I'm gonna read them all lol.

About the nanny someone found one for my mom. I guess we'll just have to try it to see how it works out. Speaking of my mom, my entire family went to Six Flags three weeks ago and you should've seen her. For those who don't know, Six Flags is an amusement park with rides and games. I go there for the rollercoasters but since I was going with my fam I had to go on some kiddy rides. My mom was too scared to go on any of the rides, so she mostly sat waiting for us. My little sis wanted to go on the spinning teacups and my mom actually agreed to join us. This woman didn't even want to go on the slowass ferry wheel but she wanted to try something that was spinning. When the teacups started spinning, her eyes got big and she said, ye Suru what is this? Why is it spinning like this? Jesus Christ a person with hypertension should not go on this ride. I said mommy just close your eyes. She goes, Suru so you're telling me you and your brothers have been going on crazy things like this all day. Yes Mommy this one is the slowest one we've been on. I'm just laughing my ass off watching mommy close her eyes, and tighten her body. If you saw her you would have thought that the teacup was spinning at 200mph. I love my mommy but it was a bit embarrassing since other people were watching her act like this. You should’ve seen their faces they didn't know what was going on.

PS: can anyone guess what city my awesome college is at. Even if you don't know that many US cities just guess.

HInt: My buddy O and I are gonna be chillin in this city lol


  1. lol....little grown
    have fun in college,,study oh.

  2. I tot NY also...have a blast in college

  3. Lol at your mom. The day my mom goes on a ride at a park ehn...

  4. Congrats on college. US is big now, Nashville?

  5. have a great time in college!!
    lemmie guess...
    NY, Chicago, MD?

  6. lol@ your mums...i don't blame her jare

    Have fun in college. Play Hard but study harder!!

  7. your school is in los

    i don't blame your mum at all, those things are scary..

  8. awww, your mommy is too funny! Don't be embarrased, you'll probably do the same or similar to your own kids, lol!

    I remember when I was excited about college and that was AGES ago, =)

    Wherever you go, have a blast. Keep your head on your shoulders and never lose focus. I'm going to come back to this blog, cos I can tell you are funny, and the way you described you mom was pure hilarity so I am sure you will have more funny experiences to share.

    Later, darling.

  9. HAHAHA....hehehe!!!

    See as you put your mom out, ehn? naughty!!! nice though and it cracked me up...

    good luck ar college and READ YA BOOKS OR ELSE...waa jegba lowo mi,!!!

    houston, virginia?

  10. Awwww @ your mommy. Aren't our mommies sooo cute? Good luck with college o. It's going to b such a great experience. Let me are going to TX. lol

  11. Guessing it is in Florida, am I right. Have fun in college.

  12. So when are you updating? How's college, the new city and your family?

  13. Hmmm...where you dey since
    Abeg Update ASAP


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