Monday, August 10, 2009

Late Night Blogging

This blogging thing is not as easy as I thought it would be. It's like moving to a new country where you don't really know anyone and you hope you can somehow learn your way around quickly so you can fit in. I'm gonna try to randomly say what's on my mind right now.

1. I'm on my laptop and my tv is also on. I'm seeing this fake pastor promoting his miracle spring water while mostly black women are getting up supposedly being instantly healed of their aches and sicknesses etc so I'm thinking if I buy this water and I'm not healed of this acne that's on my face can I sue? I mean this is America... lol

2. I wish someone would just list some blogs that I should definitely check out there are so many blogs I wanna start with the good ones but Idk what those are.

3. I really want a new laptop damn maybe I should have went to church on Sunday to pray on it.

4. My mom came home today with seven shirts of Michael Jackson. I knew she was a fan but damn and she wore one of them to work AND she's saving one of them to wear to Nigeria.

5. I don't really write with commas. I would rather just put a period.

6. I feel bad for overweight people lol seriously I do. It's like there's so many situations I've witnessed that just makes things uncomfortable when you're overweight. I'm a US size 0/1 and when I'm at a McDonalds stuffing my face no one really cares but for an overweight person people just make faces or make comments to their friends.

7. I have become a reality show junkie this summer. I guess they've become my guilty pleasures. So I was excited for Koko Mansion but what kind of nonsense show was that? Reality TVs are train wrecks but this was a train wreck I didn't mind not looking at.

That's enough randomness for now... I'll continue my "I remember The Time" story later... The ending is really good as in a babalawo got involved see me see trouble o lol and it's a true story btw :)


  1. The way I see it, different blogs appeal to different people..
    Over time you'll figure out blogs you enjoy reading..
    If anyone gave you a list of blogs, they just might not suit your taste with regards what they write..

    PS. Did the pastor mix some 'proactiv' in his miracle water??

  2. That's how I felt when I got here at first but you'd fall in love with blogsville with time. Just check out:
    -people who follow you
    -people who follow the people that follow you
    -people who comment on your posts
    -people who follow the people that comment on your pots
    -check out other people who comment on posts you comment on.

    That way you'd find so so many blogs to read and you'd definitely find a couple you relate to.

    I feel bad for overweight ppl too. Its just like they are always conscious of their environment. :( The McDonald's I usually go to, I noticed that most of the overweight ppl don't even come in....they just drive through.

    And yea, welcome to Blogger!!

  3. welcome to blogville...nd yeah roc nd fab!!! said it all.
    im also a size 0/1...i dnt really think abt ovrweight people...

  4. roc and fab couldn't have said it any better. we time you will know which blog you like. welcome to the land of blogsville..

  5. yh, i hear ya :)
    i'm new too...check out my blog please :)

  6. @Rocnaija Thanks for the advice... I shouldn't have said anything about that fake pastor half my lip got swollen the day after haha long story

    @fab!! I'm gonna try what you said

    @leggy Great another size 0 I don't know many people my size

    @bsnc Thanks!!!

    @cerebrallybusy I checked out your blog and loved it

  7. hey...welcome to blogsville....
    *clears throat*...i remember the time i came to blogsville...long long time ago....ok ok...ok...not so long...last month or so...felt like u but now....shooooot...
    i fink roc and fb av said it all joo....and u can browse around on ur own as well....did that meself....found some nice blogs....


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