Monday, August 3, 2009

So Please Don't Mess Up The Trick...

“Hey young world! I’m the new Slick Rick” – I’m still not tired of hearing Knock You Down on the radio.
Michael Jackson. I like the countless people in the world grew up loving Michael. His music, his dances, his outfits were genius. But please media let this man rest in peace! Every time I see MJ on tv I quickly turn away because I just can’t stand to hear these controversies about his death. Let the man rest and let his family mourn and move on in peace. I love you MJ!!! I felt like more than a fan because I felt sort of close to you like I knew you…

Michael Jackson sung the words, “it don’t matter if you’re black or white.” And the truth is it really shouldn’t matter but in this world it sadly does. I’m not even talking about differences in races or racism, I’m just talking about skin color. A lot of dark-skinned people bleach their skin. Why do people put all of those chemicals on their skin just to make it lighter? Why can’t they just be happy with what they have? At first I looked at it as a white supremacy thing. You know that whites are supposed to be superior to other races. Especially since it’s not only blacks that do it, I know for a fact Indians also do it. But then I realized that whites do just the same thing. No not bleaching their skin but darkening their skin. They also go through dangerous lengths to change their skin color. They tan in the sun or in tanning booths or spraying things on their skin. What would be their excuse for wanting to change their appearance? So back to my main question, why can’t people be happy with what they have? I mean we’ve all been self-conscious about the way we look but trying to alter your skin color just seems really disturbing. I feel like we all have different skin color for a reason and we should start complimenting each other and appreciate each other. So my advice is tell a friend how beautiful his or her complexion is. It might not work but it doesn’t hurt to give compliments.


  1. You just had me youtube-ing the song again to give it another listen..

    Nice track, knock you down..

  2. So I'm light skinned and when I see brown-skinned girls - in pictures mostly.
    They usually have a better feel than I do. Smooth legs and all.
    I love brown legs :/
    And sometimes, I feel like getting darker ... just so I have smooth skin. But I won't look nice dark :/

    I dunno what my point was but in a nutshell everyone is in their skin for a purpose, changing it is destroying it.
    Okay that was what you said,
    bye :)


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