Monday, December 21, 2009

Back From Long Vacation

Hello Bloggsville!!! I hope you haven't completely forgotten about me. If you have I'm sorry abeg accept my apology. Don't blame me too much it's the college life that got to me. My last post was the day before my semester started and now my semester has ended. Time Flies! As for my last post no one named the right city. I kinda don't even wanna say what city I'm in anymore it's somewhere in the east coast of America though lol.
For those new to my blog and for those whose memories need some refreshing, my name is Suru. I'm now a freshman in a university in the US. I'm a Nigerian and was raised there for a little more than half my life. So yeah that's enough about me for now.
Yikes! I know I’m gonna have so many blogs to read and catch up on.
College has been a blast! I have some crazy stories that I'm excited to tell. Types of stories I hope my mom never finds out about because she'll be too shocked. But don't worry they’re mostly about other people not me. I've been a good girl hehe.
I can’t believe the year is ending! Last year I wrote a year-end reflection letter to myself and I think everyone should do the same this year. I really don’t know what to blog about lol. It’s kind of a weird feeling starting this thing again especially since I had only being on here for a couple of months before I started school.
Random Ish I guess…
Currently listening to Beyonce’s “Flaws and All”
Thinking about starting a business, it’s ambitious but doable, but I’m young so I hope I’m taken seriously.
In a melancholy mood and have a minor headache.
Met a guy yesterday, he got my number hasn’t text me which is a first for me I guess I got a tiny taste of my own medicine of breaking hearts. That’s not why I’m feeling melancholy btw. lol
I really, really wanna go to London actually Nigeria but I’ve settled for London right now since the ticket is cheaper… maybe during spring break.
Hmm I guess my mood is affecting my post. It feels like a drag so I’m just gonna end it here and go read some of your posts. Maybe that will cheer me up.
Anyways Bloggsville I’M BACK and here to stay. How is everyone? Did anyone else experience a snowstorm or anything interesting lately? lol


  1. I have settled for london (and miami) as well for winter break/ spring break lol, i know i will be changing my mind from time to time!

  2. mehhhhhhn you are welcome ooo i checked ur blog for updates from time to time...welcome back!

  3. Welocme back to blogsville, I'm looking forward to the gist from school. Happy holidays and merry christmas.

  4. welcome back. yea i experienced the snow storm, i didn't find it funny at all even though it was beautiful outside..

  5. @Damsel I wanna go to Miami also lol
    @Cerebrally Busy Thank you soooo much!
    Myne Merry Christmas to you too
    BSNC lol snow is pretty until you either have to shovel or can't go out


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