Monday, December 21, 2009

My Music in '09

As the year is ending, I’ve got a lot of things on my mind. Oh man D’banj is still the sexiest Nigerian artist out there. Like the guy just screams sex appeal to me. He knows how to entertain. I still haven’t listened to 9ice’s new songs. I guess I have a feeling it won’t be good as the last so I’m trying to avoid it for a while. This year hasn’t been the easiest year for me but thank God for Asa’s song “Jailer” for getting me through some of my rebellious moments. 2face keeps losing my interest but oh my P-Square is no doubt my favorite Igbo guys. It seems like all their songs are just too much. Honoroble mention this year goes to M.I. and Wande Coal. My song for the year though is actually not by a Nigerian artist. It’s Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette.” It’s not my favorite song of the year but if I had to pick a song that sums up my feeling this year it would be that song. This year was pretty intense for me with some serious family issues that really felt like an explosive game of Russian roulette. My heart was beating, you could see it through my chest, I was terrified but I didn’t leave. I pulled the trigger as my life flashed through my eyes. Well I’m still here and you know how Russian roulette goes. But you should have seen my heart beating…
My favorite artist of the year undoubtedly is K’naan. I actually discovered him some years ago when I was reading someone’s blog and his video “Struggling” was posted. I was curious to see the interpretation of struggling in other parts of Africa so I clicked on the video. I fell in love with his music and I’ve been hooked since then. I would listen to his album, “the Dusty Foot Philosopher” everyday on my way from school. This year his album “Troubadour” came out and he didn’t disappoint.
So this post was supposed to be me reflecting on 2009 but somehow it turned to music. Lol. I guess it’s still somewhat of a reflection. I’m still tryna get back on this blogging flow but I’m discovering some wonderful blogs along the way.


15 Minutes Away (all Nigerians should relate to this song about Western Union) :)


  1. Lol i guess this is urway of reflecting?

  2. lol@azazel

    you have good music taste. check out 9ice's "gbamu gbamu"

  3. lol at least you did some reflecting.
    Compliments of the season

  4. no better way to says it all

    it's been how long...???
    thank God for strength and grace to pull through!!!
    have a good on dear :)

  6. Mehn.. Dbanj is a sexy sexy man, but he is very arrogant. Which I don't mind at the same time though.. he he he. I like your blog. Wonder why I haven't found it yet until today.. hmmmn..

  7. @Azazel I guess it is
    @TayneMent Thanks I did and I like it
    @BSNC Thank you and same to you
    @Neefemi Yes music is a nice way to reflect and express
    @David.фаворит Бога номер-один - Thank you so much!
    @The Nigerian Fetish - Yes he is lol thanks for the compliment well I was mia but I'll check out your blog also


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