Monday, January 4, 2010


Twitter! So a lot of my friends are on twitter but I'm not. Social networking sites are addicting and I don't know if I want to get into any other time consuming stuff. I know a lot of bloggers are on twitter so I'm thinking about getting one. How do you like it and what are the pros and cons? Do you use your blogger name? Do you just use it to communicate with other bloggers or is it your real identity with real life people and bloggers mixed together? I think this is enough questions. lol. Your responses will be helpful and thanks in advance. ;-)

Happy New Year! Someone close to me passed away before the new year so mine wasn't so happy but I'm hoping two thousand and ten or 20-10 (as some people say) turns out to be much better for me. And for you as well!


  1. I started with my real name and then changed it to my blog name cos everyone who knows me on there know it's one and the same. Some have two names but I couldn't pull that off, tried it on FB and it's spilling over, LOL...I don't mind though.

    I have to confess that twitter is very addictive and soo I try to pull back a little.

  2. i use a...different name...but most of my blog peeps know me...BUT my real-life friends also know me, and while it is fun, it is very addictive...

  3. i dont have a twitter account so i cant help you much.
    have a happy new year.

  4. Twitter is rubbish o jare! I'm looking to shut my account down sef. I thinks its just for celebrities to reach out to their fans, but apparently everyone's feeling like celebrities and getting one, and posting updates as "I'm sitting on Porcelain" i.e he's on the shitter!!! imagine!

  5. i like mines - i'm not on facebook, no longer - cant deal with the privacy stuff, besides with only 50 people following, most of whom i know personally, many bloogers & some people that i have become friends with through twitter - i feel safe - check it out i guess, u caan protect it plus delete if u don't like....Happy New Year

  6. Roc! Where have u been??

    Join Twitter jo...
    Eventually ur blog life wil mix with real life..Twitter just makes it happen faster.

  7. @Myne- LOL at least u don't mind
    @CerebrallyBusy thanks for sharing
    @leggy lol thanks u too
    @Azazel Same to you
    @Sugarking LMAO! that's probably why it's also addicting
    @neefemi thanks i just might try it
    @RocNiaja Where have u been seeing you comment made me smile come back sweetie... I changed it before my hiatus...
    @Fabulo-la lol yea I just might

  8. Happy New Year.
    Twitter...I wont lie, I cant keep up. I havent even started exploring facebook. But I see people who handle it quite well - blogging, facebook, twitter. Just give it a try. Each one has it's own advantage.

    Sorry about the loss. May you have testimonies this year.

  9. happy new year. cnt get a hang on this twitter tingy.

  10. no clue about twitter!
    don't have one and don't want one...
    happy new year!

  11. Lmaoo Sugarking is funny.
    Ah twitter is bad for the health.
    So I deactivated fb because I want to spend less time on the internet and twitter is making it hard. it's not like I even do anything but talk rubbish there , umph.
    But anyway, yeah.

  12. Hmmm all social networking serves a purpose and i think twitter's "make sense in 160 xters".
    I like the site & i'm logged on almost the throughout the whole day.
    Pros:Its just another networking site
    Cons:When u're just starting you really dont understand how to use it, hence you get bored.
    Then twitter's more like talking with noone really you need to hang in there.
    I use my real name so its a communicating tool for me.

    hope this helps you in making ur decision to join

  13. Rita - you should try facebook it's pretty good
    Fragilelooks - I sure don't blame u these sites can be pretty confusing.
    Marco- ? Is that chinese
    David - Thanks! You too
    Moyo - lol they're so addicting!
    Tankojetty - Thanks for the insight it does help me with my decision.


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