Friday, February 26, 2010

Calling all ladies and gentlemen of blogsville

Hey everyone! How is it going? Good I hope. If not good then at least you're alive and you have a home. Well as of right now some people are either dead or displaced. We all know about the crisis in Haiti but how about in our homeland. In Jos. Well pretty pretty please please check out my new blog and GET INVOLVED. We need everyone's participation.

Thanks and remember charity begins at home.
Damn I sound like an infomercial but hope you get the urgency of this. Also I would appreciate it if you post the link on your next blog post so more people can know about this.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#21 The Story of Kuddhabodhi

A Tale of Subduing Anger

Born to a noble family of Brahmans who owned a large flourishing estate, the Bodhisattva devoted his life to learning. His name was Kuddhabodhi. By the time he was fully grown his fame among the learned had spread far and wide. He married a beautiful woman who loved him deeply.

Because of his constant practice of the Dharma, he eventually reached the stage of wisdom where the idea of renunciation was so familiar that the life of the householder no longer gave him pleasure. Disturbed by the suffering of greed, quarrels, war, and attachment that are inherent in the householder's life, he decided to take up the life of an ascetic.

His wife insisted that she join him and become an ascetic as well. Although he tried to dissuade her, saying the ascetic life is difficult and dangerous and not suitable for a woman, she entered the woods with him anyway. She looked brilliant and attractive in her simple robes as she meditated in the shade of a tree. One day a king passed through their forest domain and after the usual ceremonious greeting with Kuddhabodhis, he saw the beautiful women and was poisoned with lust. She seemed to glow, enchanting the world around her. The king became utterly lost in desire, contriving a plan to take the young woman away to his palace. However, the king had heard about the terrible wrath that can ensue from wronging an ascetic and was afraid of being cursed. He decided he needed to test Kuddhabodhi's power. Because ascetics are supposed to live the life of non-attachment, the king decided that if he saw Kuddhabodhi was still attached to his companion, that he surely had no exceptional power and would not be able to harm him. He questioned Kuddhabodhi, asking what he would do if someone kidnapped his wife. The bodhisattva replied that if that happened, he would never let his enemy escape. This reply seemed to indicate that he was still full of attachment and passion and therefore was no true ascetic. The king ordered his men to carry off Kuddhabodhi's wife to his palace in the city.

Kuddhabodhi watched them take his wife away and appeared oblivious to her cries. Confused by this, the king then taunted Kuddhabodhi, asking why he was not following through with his threat, and how he was going to attempt to keep them from leaving. Kuddhabodhi replied that the enemy he was to keep imprisoned was not them, but that the enemy he was referring to was anger. He would not let his anger escape from him, telling the king that even in the face of such a crime, he would keep his rage controlled while focusing his mind on the virtue of forbearance. The king realized that he had been mistaken about Kuddhabodhi and that he was in fact a powerful ascetic. He bowed to Kuddhabodhi and apologized, returned his wife, and vowed to serve him from then on.

From the famous Indian text presenting 34 morality tales drawn from the previous life stories of the historical buddha, Shakyamuni.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'll Get Him Hot, Show Him What I've Got

She can go lower than I ever really thought she could - Face down - {ASS UP!}
The top of yo' booty jigglin outcho' jeans, baby pull yo' pants up!
I like it when I see you do it, better than I've ever seen I done befo'
A lot of, women, drop it to the ground, but HOW - LOW - CAN YOU GO?
Maybe It's Time To Put This Pussy On Ya Sideburns,
He Say I’m Bad, He Problly Right,
He Pressing Me Like Button Downs On A Friday Night
I'mma give it to you harder
I'mma turn your body out
The way, that booty movin' - I can't take no more
Have to stop what I'm doin', so I can pull up her close
I'm tryna find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful
Damn Girl!!!
Damn, you's a sexy bitch, sexy bitch!
Damn, you's a sexy bitch!

If you can’t tell, these are snippets from current popular music. I’m for freedom of speech and for low censorship but sometimes some of the stuff I read or see makes me feel that maybe censorship should be tighter. These songs are everywhere, on the radio, the internet, tv etc. I feel like why should children be exposed to this? Why would seven year olds have access to this song? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard children sing inappropriate songs. Whether we like it or not, the culture that these songs bring will affect them. They are obviously disrespectful to women and some of them are promoted by women. (One time this little boy asked my little cousin if her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard). I feel like there’s only much parents can do to protect their children and it’s sad the effect I’ve seen first-hand with music and children. I’m not exactly sure what can be done. I guess we have to promote a culture that respects themselves and each other so more great songs can be written with respect.

I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone that reads my blog. And to those who make the effort to comment, I truly appreciate it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love College

I’ve been trying to blog about college but there’s so much I just never know where to start. Every day has been interesting to say the least. I LOVE COLLEGE!!! The song “I Love College” by Asher Roth was playing the other day so I thought it’ll be interesting to use it in this post.

I Love College Lyrics + More

“I'm nice right now, man
I-I feel good
If you have a drink
Would you please put it in the air?”
(Alcoholic drinks in red plastic cups? Yep this sounds like my college. Pregaming in someone’s room which is pretty much getting drunk at night before heading somewhere else after that is part of the weekend process. Or weekdays for some. After getting drunk or fucked up for some, then it’s usually time to head out and mostly it’s to a party.)

“That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it
I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked” (So many parties I wish were taped! When the night out is at a club we usually go because ladies are free but by the time we get there it’s no longer free. Womp! The girls are mostly dressed in a way that screams “easy access fuck me right now.” No sir, call me dull but if I can barely walk because of ridiculously uncomfortable heels and my dress don’t cover my ass I’m not wearing it. Even sometimes I’ve been dancing ok grinding don’t judge lol when I’ll realize my dress needs to be pulled down so yeah imagine those girls whose dress isn’t even covering their ass to begin with and I mostly wear leggings or skinny jeans to a club anyway. I’ve only been to a white frat party a couple of times but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were getting naked somewhere in there. And yes in my school there is a huge difference between a white frat party and a black one. This is stereotyping I admit but the white frats are mostly about chillin, drinkin, talkin, smokin, druggin and sexin. Black frats are mostly about dancin, grindin, drinkin and talkin to get some sexin later)
“Drink my beer and smoke my weed but my good friends is all I need
Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again” (If there’s one thing I really dislike, it’s smoking. I’ve never done it and plan never to. Okay I won’t lie one time back as a youngin in naija me and my cuzzo decided to roll up paper really tight and light it up. It was unsuccessful as you can imagine so I don’t really count that. Okay another time in naija me and the same cuzzo tried to smoke used cigs we found but that didn’t work either. So it shouldn’t count right? I think that’s when I realized how stupid smoking was and decided never to try it again even though I never actually tried the real thing. But um back to college. My roommates smoke so much weed I think they’re just weedheads. They will smoke anytime of the day and then they even smoke it at parties. I got really upset one day and told them to stop smoking it in the room and they stopped for a while. Then they started again. I was about to pop off on them but when I mentioned it to my mom she got scared. Momsy said I should move out. When I told her they were nice other than the weed thing she said they might try to kill me. Kill me ke? This is when fear hit me as in why would she even think such a thing. She said since I told them to stop but since they like it so much they might try to get rid of me weedblocking them and kill me. This woman got me thinking about all kinds of stuff these people could do to me. I didn’t move out but I’ve been letting them smoke and I just leave the room when they do it. It’s not worth dying over. haha
“Man, I love college” (Nonetheless MEHN, I LOVE COLLEGE! Where else will I experience this again? I’ve learned so much about people and how to improve myself. This is only the first verse so I’ll be doing the rest later.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Mother Nature

College work was about to kill me but then Mother Nature came to my rescue. Snow baby!!! I never loved snow so much in my life. It snowed about 30 inches so my classes were canceled this week but class resumes tomorrow. Thanks to the break, I've been able to get resettled and I've even had time to read your blogs.
I need a blog identity! Somehow I've forgotten why I wanted to start a blog in the first place. Hopefully I can remember so I can feel like my blog has more purpose than just another place for me to write. I was upset by something this week so I'm going to rant for a bit. I have a little brother that's eleven. He's so studious and he has a big heart and will question you to death because he is so curious about EVERYTHING. Last week in his school, one of those stupid, rude boys were making fun of him. He didn't respond to the boy and just went to lunch since it was lunch time. The boy came up to him and said he heard my brother was saying stuff back to him. He punched my brother and then they started fighting. He and my brother got suspended from school for a day. My brother was so angry and hurt and so was I. Why do these boys feel the need to bully other boys. They act like they have no home training and they are so disrespectful to everyone. I remember when I first came to America a lot of the boys would tease me so much. They made fun of my accent, they called my a dirty booty scratching African and treated me like some rotten creature. The worst part about this was that they were black Americans. Eventually we moved and I went to a better school and I also developed a voice for myself. I was able to stand up to others and I also made some great friends. And I didn't have my Nigerian accent anymore so I guess I didn't seem fresh off the plane. I wish I still had my accent but it wasn't that thick to begin with so it went away fast :( I think it still comes out sometimes though out of nowhere. Anyways, most of the discrimination I've experienced is by black people and I would think they would be the ones not to discriminate. Anyways I was actually going to blog about the use of the n word in the Nigerian society but I guess that will wait till another time. Those abroad, please share your stories of discrimination. I have some more I'll share some other time. I really want to hear yours though and also say by what race or ethnicity.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I try so hard to stay on top of this blogging thing but there's just too many things going on in my personal life. I apologize if I haven't been reading your posts but I'm slowly getting there.

PETA! I am not a fan of animal torture. I don't even like wearing fur but that has nothing to do animals anyway. I like that there is an organization trying to protect animals but sometimes I'll read stuff about PETA and it just seems like they go overboard. So it was nice and refreshing to hear someone talk back to them. Here is what Kelis had to say below after Peta wrote her a letter condemning her for wearing fur. Although some of what she says is silly I'm just irritated by PETA that it doesn't bother me. If they didn't make things so serious as if it was a human life then I would appreciate what they do more.

Good morning all!

Ok, so you’re gonna love this. The other day I got a personalized letter from PETA! Lol so after some thought I’ve decided to write one back. Goes a little something like this:

There is no humane way to kill anything, let me start there. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of life. With that being said, I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious. And after doing a very minimal amount of research……. I found out that the founder Ingrid Newkirk is completely batty. I had a feeling but she far exceeded my expectations. I mean certifiably insane! Lol this chicks will is nuts, google it – it’s a riot! Beyond the fact that I think she’s a diabetic, which means she needs insulin, which is taken from lab pigs (I know this because my sister happens to be in veterinary school), which would be completely hypocritical. It’s like don’t abuse animals unless it can help me.

I feel very strongly about a lot of things such as the sweatshops that spin cotton and the blood on their hands. Btw it’s not just the look of fur. It’s warm as hell and feels glorious, ever rubbed faux fur on your body? Nothing luxurious about that. Then the letter proceeded to name artist and designers who don’t wear real fur. Great! More for me! I don’t judge them, don’t judge me.

If I started wearing endangered animals like polar bear or orangutan then talk to me. (Which btw for the record I would not – I do believe in the preservation of endangered species) But the minks and chinchilla that quite honestly are rodents and if weren’t in the form of a coat I would demand they be put to death anyway are not an issue to me.

The death of high fashion. Ugh.

I eat meat, and in fact my mouth salivates as I type the word meat! And the paint throwing that’s just ridiculous! What if I was hurling Loubitons and Pierre Hardy’s at every sad poorly dressed person on the street? As right as I may be it’s just fanatical and crazy. And people have the right to feel as they please. What about art? Survival of the fittest. Natural selection? No let’s just let all the rodents run free and over take our cities. Oh wait they have, NY and LA in particular are infested! Why don’t u save them all from scavenging on the streets and ruining my evening strolls, take them home. Make them pets! Get off my back! Pun intended!

Underpaid minorities picking your vegetables, now that’s fine for you right? Please, fight for their rights. How about the poverty in the communities of brown people around the world. She had the nerve to say (and I quote) “get over it” talking of the issue of black people and slavery in this country verses cows being slaughtered. Is she kidding me? Lol yes she must be. Actually, she’s lucky most black people have real issues to worry about in the U.S and don’t give a crap what her delusional privileged opinions are. But she should try saying that again just for kicks n giggles on the corner of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd in Harlem n see how well people “get over it” lol.

If u want to preach do it about something worthwhile don’t waste my time trying to save the dang chipmunk.

Find a worthwhile cause like the women being maimed in these Middle Eastern countries. Or female circumcision. Or women’s rights here in America, we still get paid less for doing the same jobs as men. Quite honestly if you hate the world so much go live in the forest where no one else has to hear you complain about the perfectly good food chain the good Lord created. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and that’s mine on that! xoxo

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