Friday, February 26, 2010

Calling all ladies and gentlemen of blogsville

Hey everyone! How is it going? Good I hope. If not good then at least you're alive and you have a home. Well as of right now some people are either dead or displaced. We all know about the crisis in Haiti but how about in our homeland. In Jos. Well pretty pretty please please check out my new blog and GET INVOLVED. We need everyone's participation.

Thanks and remember charity begins at home.
Damn I sound like an infomercial but hope you get the urgency of this. Also I would appreciate it if you post the link on your next blog post so more people can know about this.


  1. And I sat and she set the ball in motion.. This new blog is a must visit,comprehend and participate blog!I'm so honored to be meeting Suru in my lifetime.. Please help Jos.. No Matter how little,It works, you have no idea..

  2. @2cute4u - Thank you sooo much.
    Everyone please don't forget to link the new blog in your next post.

  3. I left a comment there. Well done to you guys.

  4. Aww, this is sweet. More grease Suru!!!

  5. love this! checking it out now

  6. Checked it out; me like. Good-o.

  7. All the on the lookout for more.


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