Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love College

I’ve been trying to blog about college but there’s so much I just never know where to start. Every day has been interesting to say the least. I LOVE COLLEGE!!! The song “I Love College” by Asher Roth was playing the other day so I thought it’ll be interesting to use it in this post.

I Love College Lyrics + More

“I'm nice right now, man
I-I feel good
If you have a drink
Would you please put it in the air?”
(Alcoholic drinks in red plastic cups? Yep this sounds like my college. Pregaming in someone’s room which is pretty much getting drunk at night before heading somewhere else after that is part of the weekend process. Or weekdays for some. After getting drunk or fucked up for some, then it’s usually time to head out and mostly it’s to a party.)

“That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it
I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked” (So many parties I wish were taped! When the night out is at a club we usually go because ladies are free but by the time we get there it’s no longer free. Womp! The girls are mostly dressed in a way that screams “easy access fuck me right now.” No sir, call me dull but if I can barely walk because of ridiculously uncomfortable heels and my dress don’t cover my ass I’m not wearing it. Even sometimes I’ve been dancing ok grinding don’t judge lol when I’ll realize my dress needs to be pulled down so yeah imagine those girls whose dress isn’t even covering their ass to begin with and I mostly wear leggings or skinny jeans to a club anyway. I’ve only been to a white frat party a couple of times but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were getting naked somewhere in there. And yes in my school there is a huge difference between a white frat party and a black one. This is stereotyping I admit but the white frats are mostly about chillin, drinkin, talkin, smokin, druggin and sexin. Black frats are mostly about dancin, grindin, drinkin and talkin to get some sexin later)
“Drink my beer and smoke my weed but my good friends is all I need
Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again” (If there’s one thing I really dislike, it’s smoking. I’ve never done it and plan never to. Okay I won’t lie one time back as a youngin in naija me and my cuzzo decided to roll up paper really tight and light it up. It was unsuccessful as you can imagine so I don’t really count that. Okay another time in naija me and the same cuzzo tried to smoke used cigs we found but that didn’t work either. So it shouldn’t count right? I think that’s when I realized how stupid smoking was and decided never to try it again even though I never actually tried the real thing. But um back to college. My roommates smoke so much weed I think they’re just weedheads. They will smoke anytime of the day and then they even smoke it at parties. I got really upset one day and told them to stop smoking it in the room and they stopped for a while. Then they started again. I was about to pop off on them but when I mentioned it to my mom she got scared. Momsy said I should move out. When I told her they were nice other than the weed thing she said they might try to kill me. Kill me ke? This is when fear hit me as in why would she even think such a thing. She said since I told them to stop but since they like it so much they might try to get rid of me weedblocking them and kill me. This woman got me thinking about all kinds of stuff these people could do to me. I didn’t move out but I’ve been letting them smoke and I just leave the room when they do it. It’s not worth dying over. haha
“Man, I love college” (Nonetheless MEHN, I LOVE COLLEGE! Where else will I experience this again? I’ve learned so much about people and how to improve myself. This is only the first verse so I’ll be doing the rest later.


  1. i can totally relate.
    haha, go to a gospel concert for 4hrs, then to a party at 12am, and get ur drank on till 230, then go sledding at 3am till 430am. wake up at 2pm and procastinate til 5pm.

    start prepping for another party at 9pm. go to a spokenword+dance show at 1030pm, head to a black party at 12am til 2am.

    shit! i love college.

    yes, this was what i did from fri evening to sat night.

  2. Haaaa.. enjoy it to the hilt while it lasts oh.. I didn't really have that much fun.. Was in a relationship with this possesive asswipe.. mcheew.. so when I graduated, the fun was just starting 4 me.. i had fun .. i still did.. so the earlier the better..

  3. happy new year! Glad college is fun. Its supposed to be. A lot of my friends were pot heads in college, and like you, I abstained from the 'green stuff'. I learned at a very early age never to start something I couldn't get out of or could get addicted to. Marijuana is addictive, despite what is said - I've seen it happen to folks, lol!

    Your mom probably worries that your roomies are more than users, but dealers. I'm hoping they aren't and don't think they will hurt you. But, you really should have a discussion about smoking around you, you know. I would worry about second hand weed in your system. It would probably be too low to present a problem, but you never know.

    Take care!

  4. Guess am in the wrong world....College was boring for me.
    I can def relate with the ridiculously uncomfortable heels...I do walk bare feet if thats my only option.

  5. Lol, love asher roth die....and like KabiOsi said, i went to school and then i went to was boooorrrriiinggggg but i have always loved skool, and reading for an exam with my oyinbo friends and then going to buffalo wild wing after said exam(most likely organic chemistry) was fun...

  6. LOL.... can't say I experimented in college (I hate causing known damage to myself out of fear :))... but i can totally relate to studying for half of the night and going to party to dancing the stress away!

  7. You strong O ! to smell that weed all day long. I think it smells very terrible. I don't like it at all.

  8. Never heard that song but college was fun while it lasted. I also enjoyed my postgrad, had more money and independence then.

  9. gosh, listening to d song right now> wish my college life wuz dis much's nt over yet so i can still make d best out of it

  10. yea college is aight...and expensive too!

  11. Late reply but, I really like all your comments...
    @Yinkuslolo - nice to see someone is having a great time in college like me
    @2cute4u - thanks I will and sorry about the possessive guy
    @SOLOMONSYDELLE - Happy new year to you too. Thanks for the advice I haven't been in the room as much so usually they smoke when I'm not there but the smell is still there so I might still have a talk with them. I appreciate your advice.
    @KabiOsi Edumare - aww yeah I love shoes but I also value comfort lol
    @neefemi hmm I've only heard that song by Asher Roth maybe I'll listen to more... Organic chem? that sound harsh
    @Mwajim Al - yep sundays and midnight in the weekdays is my study tiem
    @Nice Anon - Yea the smell isn't too pleasant
    @Myne Whitman - Yea I can tell that college is gonna go by fast
    @Rene - GO GIRL! Have fun it's college!
    @onosetale(damsel)- Definitely expensive but you can make it really fun and I guess it also depends on the location and your interests


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