Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Mother Nature

College work was about to kill me but then Mother Nature came to my rescue. Snow baby!!! I never loved snow so much in my life. It snowed about 30 inches so my classes were canceled this week but class resumes tomorrow. Thanks to the break, I've been able to get resettled and I've even had time to read your blogs.
I need a blog identity! Somehow I've forgotten why I wanted to start a blog in the first place. Hopefully I can remember so I can feel like my blog has more purpose than just another place for me to write. I was upset by something this week so I'm going to rant for a bit. I have a little brother that's eleven. He's so studious and he has a big heart and will question you to death because he is so curious about EVERYTHING. Last week in his school, one of those stupid, rude boys were making fun of him. He didn't respond to the boy and just went to lunch since it was lunch time. The boy came up to him and said he heard my brother was saying stuff back to him. He punched my brother and then they started fighting. He and my brother got suspended from school for a day. My brother was so angry and hurt and so was I. Why do these boys feel the need to bully other boys. They act like they have no home training and they are so disrespectful to everyone. I remember when I first came to America a lot of the boys would tease me so much. They made fun of my accent, they called my a dirty booty scratching African and treated me like some rotten creature. The worst part about this was that they were black Americans. Eventually we moved and I went to a better school and I also developed a voice for myself. I was able to stand up to others and I also made some great friends. And I didn't have my Nigerian accent anymore so I guess I didn't seem fresh off the plane. I wish I still had my accent but it wasn't that thick to begin with so it went away fast :( I think it still comes out sometimes though out of nowhere. Anyways, most of the discrimination I've experienced is by black people and I would think they would be the ones not to discriminate. Anyways I was actually going to blog about the use of the n word in the Nigerian society but I guess that will wait till another time. Those abroad, please share your stories of discrimination. I have some more I'll share some other time. I really want to hear yours though and also say by what race or ethnicity.


  1. Good to have you back..missed you.relax don't let it get to you. It's the trait of most mis-informed and silly black Americans to carry on more than the whites.. tell your bro to ignore them and get better..
    PS..hope he was able to beat the crap outtaa the silly bully?
    That alone, is enough.

  2. My friend was just talking about the use of the 'nigga' word in the nigerian community..
    But am so sorry about your brother but please don't generalise, some boys bully other boys..
    Some black americans are mean to africans. not all

  3. on your accent, a big amen to your prayer ;)

  4. i'm the first in family and my parents weren't the pampering type, so i got tough real quick; i hope yo brother learns how to stand up for himself - tell him to act strong even he doesn't feel it; bravery is only well-disguised fear.

    About them black americans dscriminating against other blacks, seriously i wont even waste cyberspace on them - they aint worth.

  5. I'm sorry about your brother but hopefully he'll be fine after this. These things happen in schools though it doesn't excuse it sha.

  6. I'm sorry about your brother and had to hear some of those names...i went to college here not high school so definitely cannot relate when they make fun of my accent i explain to them what i'm trying to say, use big words and make them feel just teach your brother to be strong, and you do the same and you will be fine....but yes you are right, it seems like a lot of black people don't like Africans and its unfortunate for them really

  7. 2cute4u - Aww glad someone missed me lol my brother is way bigger than that tiny boy so you know he did some damage to him lol
    Azazel - thanks I know better than to generalize I wouldn't want everyone thinking I'm now a terrorist lol
    AlooFar - it would be nice if I had a tinge of the naija accent left
    Kay9 - yeah I got tough quick too but my brother is still a little naive about people and life
    Myne - You're right and he's fine
    Neefemi - Using big words was definitely one of the ways I stood up for myself...

  8. dear dont lose your accent fro anyone cuz you are who you are and if that bothers them, it is thier lost. Lol at making the snow your ally to avoid sch work. Sorry abt your brother humiliatin, he needs to stand up for himself

  9. Aint losing my accent for nobody...I have an accent...Sue Me!
    The snow saved my ass in school...cos i already felt like"What the Hell,is this teacher talking abt"
    Phew back to school on next wk....cant wait for spring break!!!

  10. @StandTall-I didn't try to lose my accent I was about 10 when I moved to the US and I never had a thick naija accent so it went away in about two years. I said I wish I still had it.
    @Kabi-Osi - lol I wish I still had my naija accent but at least I can still speak Yoruba so its all good... I'm so excited for spring break

  11. awwww pele oooo people can be really mean. yah mine wasn't so explicit. A white girl asked me why i spoke English so well (geeees we speak enlgish in Naija now). I explained to the girl that we do speak English in schools and such and she was surprised. She told me she thought i learnt it from watching tv in the first month i came... smh. In fact, I am still lmao till now.

  12. well even though i was born and raised here, i still got those african booty scratcher comments because my siblings and i were always proud to tell anyone 'yea we're Nigerian!!' lol sorry about ur brother...and u dont hv to change ur accent to fit in, its what makes you,you!


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