Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Selfish Subway Prayer

It was March 29 at about 10am. I was sitting in my Islam class when my professor asked us if we had heard about the subway bombings in Russia. At that time, the news said 35 people died. Some people in my class heard about it but I didn't. The professor then asked this girl who had family in Russia if she heard about it and she said no. She was visibly shaken and asked if anyone knew what subway station it happened at. No one did and the class went off topic to discussing Russia's government. Suddenly the professor interrupted the discussion and asked the girl if she wanted to leave. She replied "no" but she was obviously holding back tears. Then she started crying and the professor encouraged her to leave and she did. I couldn't even imagine how she must have felt to be so far from home and know that her family could be dead. She had probably talked to them last week and now, on what seemed like any regular morning, she may never hear from them again. After she left, the class got really quiet but eventually conversation resumed to normal. All I could think of was the girl, so silently I started praying for her. I prayed that none of her family members were killed or injured.
Later that afternoon I was thinking about it again and realized something. My prayer was selfish. Before I prayed, I knew that people had died but I prayed that it wasn't the girl's family. That means that someone else was going to lose a member of their family. I thought, who was I to ask that this family be saved over this family? How selfish was that? That's when I realized all the selfish prayers we pray. I mean no one wishes for something bad to happen but sometimes by wishing it's not us, we're wishing it's someone else.
For example, when you go for an interview and you pray to get the job, well that prayer is selfish. Someone else is not going to get the job. When you hear that there's been a car accident and you pray it's no one you know, indirectly you're praying it's someone else. That's a selfish prayer. So maybe next time when you pray that selfish prayer because well honestly it's hard not to, also pray that your selfish prayers be forgiven.
I haven't heard anything about the girl but I have that class tomorrow so maybe she'll show up. I wish those bombs had never happened but I selfishly pray that it wasn't any member of her family that died. I ask God to forgive my selfish prayer.

Friday, March 26, 2010

911 for Naija

I haven't updated in a while but I've been really busy. Spring break was really goooood. I went home and I met up with a lot of my friends from high school. I even went to an event at my old high school. It was strange to go back.
PS - I am no longer reading Nigerian news. I only used to read about Nigerian current events once in a while but lately it's been everyday. I read something yesterday about the terrible education system in Nigeria. It just keeps getting worse and really a whole generation is affected by this. This was the last straw. I'm pissed off and don't want it getting to me. Nigeria is a failing state and in great danger. I'm grateful to be here in the US but its terrible to know a lot of my cousins don't have half the opportunities I have. UGH!!! Done.

Damn I can't remember what I even wanted to write about now. See this is exactly why I'm done with Nigerian news for now. Will have to do another post if I ever remember then.

So my mom/mum (which ever your prefer) is thinking about sending my younger brothers to Nigeria. They're 13 and 11. Do you guys know any good boarding schools in Lagos? Drop some names please. Also they've never been to Nigeria before so any tips for me to offer them? I'm personally thinking about putting some condoms in their luggage. They're not having sex but mehn I don't know how those boarding schools are. Or is that extreme? lol I mean they'll be 12 and 14 by the time they go and girls will definitely be flocking over them. They don't want to go and I don't quite blame them but I think they'll love it. I'm also thinking about telling my mom to hire a personal chef for them. Is that too much? Okay just kidding about the chef but eating mostly naija food is gonna be tough on them. Oh the mischievous sister in me can't help but laugh at the future that awaits them. I feel for them, naija no even get 911.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Study Break

Taking a study break.
Why do I want to run with the wild horses?
Because wild horses are beautiful and free.
Why do I not have an ipod?
Because you never wanted one because you were so anti-Apple until now.
Why do I have a green phone?
Because you're super cool and that's your favorite color.
Why am I writing this?
Because studying for exams and writing papers are driving you crazy.
Why have I unusually not gotten a cold all winter?
Because... who knows just because
Why is Jos on my mind?
Because helpnigeria.blogspot.com

Hmm so let me share my thoughts for a second. If a Muslim and a Christian get married, how exactly will the wedding be planned. Has anyone attended a Muslim/Christian wedding? Would there have to be two weddings like one in a church and one in a mosque? Do Muslims even have their weddings in a mosque? I've never been to one so I don't know. Is it possible for an interfaith marriage to work? What if the bride and groom have the same culture and they truly love each other?
Well I gotta go. I'm writing this in a library and my friend just came. I like having this be my space. I'm not worried about anything I've written on here but I still like it being my space. Peace and Love.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Church and State

This semester I decided to start going to church again. Partly for people around me to back off and partly to try it out in my new city. I went to this Nigerian church with my friend last month. It was a small church and didn't have that many members. The youth there were mostly fresh of the plane going through their awkward transition phase. But something else struck me. How is it that every single church I've ever been to, they're always asking for a building fund? Why are churches always try to build bigger especially ones who can't even manage what they have. I mean this church I went to had other things they could have been focusing on first. They barely had members and half were youth so are they trying to steal to get this money? They were unorganized with their various groups. They were also experimenting with different Sunday orders of worship. You would think it's a new church but it's been around for over seven years. Even, shouldn't they be praying for some divine guidance instead? I'm not an unbeliever ooh! I just think most churches are more worried about they physical aspect of service than the spiritual. Even most prayers and sermons are about achieving material stuff with a small portion on a relationship with God etc. On another note, Nigeria, my dear country, is starting to embarrass me. I can't even lie. In ALL of my classes Nigeria is being talked about. Some not as much but its pretty much the same theme. Nigeria has oil, is very very corrupt, is a could be that isn't, could be rich but is not, could be democratic but is not, could be a dominant internationally but is not. Can the country please get its act together and turn us into a success story? Look at how Saudi Arabia use their oil money and look at how we do. We even talked about the Muslim vs. Christian conflicts. What is with the fighting?

Random but relevant

“An Ibo man may be... an Owerri Ibo or an Onitsha Ibo in what is the Eastern region of Nigeria. In Lagos, he is simply an Ibo man. In London, he is a Nigerian. In New York, he is an African.” – From my poli sci book...

JayZ says he does not believe in religion because it separates people, but he does believe in one God. (hmm what do you think?)

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