Friday, March 26, 2010

911 for Naija

I haven't updated in a while but I've been really busy. Spring break was really goooood. I went home and I met up with a lot of my friends from high school. I even went to an event at my old high school. It was strange to go back.
PS - I am no longer reading Nigerian news. I only used to read about Nigerian current events once in a while but lately it's been everyday. I read something yesterday about the terrible education system in Nigeria. It just keeps getting worse and really a whole generation is affected by this. This was the last straw. I'm pissed off and don't want it getting to me. Nigeria is a failing state and in great danger. I'm grateful to be here in the US but its terrible to know a lot of my cousins don't have half the opportunities I have. UGH!!! Done.

Damn I can't remember what I even wanted to write about now. See this is exactly why I'm done with Nigerian news for now. Will have to do another post if I ever remember then.

So my mom/mum (which ever your prefer) is thinking about sending my younger brothers to Nigeria. They're 13 and 11. Do you guys know any good boarding schools in Lagos? Drop some names please. Also they've never been to Nigeria before so any tips for me to offer them? I'm personally thinking about putting some condoms in their luggage. They're not having sex but mehn I don't know how those boarding schools are. Or is that extreme? lol I mean they'll be 12 and 14 by the time they go and girls will definitely be flocking over them. They don't want to go and I don't quite blame them but I think they'll love it. I'm also thinking about telling my mom to hire a personal chef for them. Is that too much? Okay just kidding about the chef but eating mostly naija food is gonna be tough on them. Oh the mischievous sister in me can't help but laugh at the future that awaits them. I feel for them, naija no even get 911.


  1. lol. condoms are a bit extreme...

    there are several good schools now in nigeria, i suppose it depends on which part of nigeria they're going?

  2. Condoms are definetely extreme.

    Jinta is right. If you have family in Lagos, PH, Abuja or Ogun state, I know a couple of good schools.

    My school, Jephthah Comprehensive Secondary School, PortHarcourt would be my first recommendation sha!


  3. hehehehehe you're totally crazy!Glad you had a funfiled hols..Hmmm schools.. I'm thinking when your mum gets down then she gets to these schools and reall checks the out plus if the money's worth it.. As per good schools, Nigeria has loads of them and so your bros and mum,gotta check it out together.. really.talking from experience.
    Seeing no banner Suru!

  4. Condoms?? For a 14-year-old? Kai, Suru i'm disappointed. Naija is seriously effed-up on the political, security n infrastructure fronts, but morals still mean a lot here (at least till u hit 19-20)

    I'm sorry i really don't know much about secondary schools (been yrs since i went to one).

    P.S: Y'all must be pretty rich to be considering hiring a chef, hee-hee!

  5. Those boarding schools are very strict. My brother went to one back home and that was the best thing we did for him. I don't know of any good ones in Lag as he went to school in the east.

  6. I agree with 2cute..You have to check out those schools.. before making your decisions.. there are loads of schools.Take your pick when you get to Nigeria.Have fun. Nice place. I sure will be back.First time here.

  7. British International, Lekki (expensive and a lil posh) Will prolly suit them

    Corono (dunno if it boarding)

    Government School Nko (LOOOL) They might not survive it.

    Ok, sorry I'm an abuja person...


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