Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Church and State

This semester I decided to start going to church again. Partly for people around me to back off and partly to try it out in my new city. I went to this Nigerian church with my friend last month. It was a small church and didn't have that many members. The youth there were mostly fresh of the plane going through their awkward transition phase. But something else struck me. How is it that every single church I've ever been to, they're always asking for a building fund? Why are churches always try to build bigger especially ones who can't even manage what they have. I mean this church I went to had other things they could have been focusing on first. They barely had members and half were youth so are they trying to steal to get this money? They were unorganized with their various groups. They were also experimenting with different Sunday orders of worship. You would think it's a new church but it's been around for over seven years. Even, shouldn't they be praying for some divine guidance instead? I'm not an unbeliever ooh! I just think most churches are more worried about they physical aspect of service than the spiritual. Even most prayers and sermons are about achieving material stuff with a small portion on a relationship with God etc. On another note, Nigeria, my dear country, is starting to embarrass me. I can't even lie. In ALL of my classes Nigeria is being talked about. Some not as much but its pretty much the same theme. Nigeria has oil, is very very corrupt, is a could be that isn't, could be rich but is not, could be democratic but is not, could be a dominant internationally but is not. Can the country please get its act together and turn us into a success story? Look at how Saudi Arabia use their oil money and look at how we do. We even talked about the Muslim vs. Christian conflicts. What is with the fighting?

Random but relevant

“An Ibo man may be... an Owerri Ibo or an Onitsha Ibo in what is the Eastern region of Nigeria. In Lagos, he is simply an Ibo man. In London, he is a Nigerian. In New York, he is an African.” – From my poli sci book...

JayZ says he does not believe in religion because it separates people, but he does believe in one God. (hmm what do you think?)


  1. That stuff amazes me.....well maybe except my church because it's actually full, they had to start a 2-services

  2. If i tried to repeat what JayZ says back home, my father will disown me!

  3. If one becomes distracted by Church politics, they will back slide on what is important. God and Jesus and living an uplifting and spiritual life.

    As for Nigeria, fingers still crossed.

  4. lol...not a fan of naija churches.kpom!
    been searching for the right church in md for like 5 yrs....phew!

  5. Hmm Suru!you won't just kill me!what's with this na? The truth of it all is your not far from the truth.. And now cause of WE ARE JOS, I'm so guilt ridden, I keep giving so people will give.. Every Sunday,I frequent churches, at the end they keep asking for money,But never for the right things.. beats me.. how are you.. had a bad day.. hope you didn't, send you s mail soon..

  6. JayZ? That one is confused.

    About the church thing, yea dats why me and ma fam stopped goin to Nigerian churches here, the only thing they know is how to get rich, how to proper, how to get this get that, nothing about spiritual growth. I dunno about others.

    @Your quote...WORD.

  7. i hated it when i was in school, and i heard in classes was "nigeia this, Nigeria that"..tiring i tell ya

  8. I'm with you on that 'Naija is starting to embarrass me" Statement...it's appalling what that nation is deploring to.

    lol@ building fund. I've often wondered about that but but they will tell you they do it cos they are standing on faith...that their members will double and they will therefore need more room...believing before seeing/stepping out in faith type deal.

  9. Just stopping by,leave Jay z alone oo,let him carry his cross ,hope u cool,cheers

  10. We are the ones that will re-define naija.. blogging is a starting point


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