Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Selfish Subway Prayer

It was March 29 at about 10am. I was sitting in my Islam class when my professor asked us if we had heard about the subway bombings in Russia. At that time, the news said 35 people died. Some people in my class heard about it but I didn't. The professor then asked this girl who had family in Russia if she heard about it and she said no. She was visibly shaken and asked if anyone knew what subway station it happened at. No one did and the class went off topic to discussing Russia's government. Suddenly the professor interrupted the discussion and asked the girl if she wanted to leave. She replied "no" but she was obviously holding back tears. Then she started crying and the professor encouraged her to leave and she did. I couldn't even imagine how she must have felt to be so far from home and know that her family could be dead. She had probably talked to them last week and now, on what seemed like any regular morning, she may never hear from them again. After she left, the class got really quiet but eventually conversation resumed to normal. All I could think of was the girl, so silently I started praying for her. I prayed that none of her family members were killed or injured.
Later that afternoon I was thinking about it again and realized something. My prayer was selfish. Before I prayed, I knew that people had died but I prayed that it wasn't the girl's family. That means that someone else was going to lose a member of their family. I thought, who was I to ask that this family be saved over this family? How selfish was that? That's when I realized all the selfish prayers we pray. I mean no one wishes for something bad to happen but sometimes by wishing it's not us, we're wishing it's someone else.
For example, when you go for an interview and you pray to get the job, well that prayer is selfish. Someone else is not going to get the job. When you hear that there's been a car accident and you pray it's no one you know, indirectly you're praying it's someone else. That's a selfish prayer. So maybe next time when you pray that selfish prayer because well honestly it's hard not to, also pray that your selfish prayers be forgiven.
I haven't heard anything about the girl but I have that class tomorrow so maybe she'll show up. I wish those bombs had never happened but I selfishly pray that it wasn't any member of her family that died. I ask God to forgive my selfish prayer.


  1. Really sad..I'm so guilty of these selfish prayers I sincerely hope that We be forgiven.Thank you for coming..

  2. I've actually thought about this before. Yet, consider this story: a child of a king (the prince) does not have his dinner because a servant forgot to prepare it, he goes up to his father to ask for his right (his dinner). That's one of the perspectives of prayer. Still, I totally understand your point...it's the reason why I also ask God to "let His will be done" in my life. If I'm desperately praying for a specific job that has nothing to do with my purpose in life, it will not do me any good.

    But seriously, I pray that that girl's family was not involved in the train incident. :)

  3. That's another perspective to look at it. I try to pray in the words and leading of the Lord's prayer as Jesus taught and hope it is in the will of God.

  4. But is it selfish though when God asks us to ask for what we want and need and we are also urged to pray and stand in the gap for others...i don't think its bad, just remember to always pray for others....i pray her family was ok and to console those who have lost loved ones

  5. One man's food is another man's poison...
    We need to seek the help of the Holy Spirit cos we know not what to ask for on our own

  6. Guess we all are guitly of selfish prayers.
    What are we to do, thats the way we all weretaught to pray

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  8. yeah i get what you are passing across,think its just natural to do so,but only God knows the best

  9. It all grinds down to luck, and who God favors.

  10. Definitely an interesting perspective on prayer. The best prayer is may God's will be done, no matter what I think.

  11. @sosexy - I hope we're forgiven thank you for stopping by.
    @Jaycee - ultimately we don't really know so it's save to still pray for ourselves.
    @Myne - I try to do the same
    @Neefemi - you have a point we should pray for others also
    @lani - Thanks for stopping by and i agree with you
    @lara - you're right it is how we've been taught
    @muyiwa - indeed only God knows
    @kay9 - maybe so I'm not sure myself
    @naijalines - I agree thanks for stopping by!
    The girl's family is ok


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