Saturday, April 3, 2010

The irresistible subject

I once watched a movie about this US fighter pilot in WWI fighting the Germans in France. There he met a girl who he fell deeply in love with. She had to move because of the war, but they promised to look for each other in Paris when it was over. After the war, he never found her and he had to go back to the US. He later owned a ranch and married another woman. For him, she was the love that got away and vice-versa. It made me think about many people out there that have that special someone that no matter if they're still together or not, they'll always love. It's a great bond that is hard to break.

This is not really related to my thought above but here's more of my thoughts. I wasn't really trying to write a poem I just kinda wrote my thoughts in that format.

I know something special when I see one and you my dear are special.
I smile thinking about you and the moments we’ve shared.
I’m afraid at the rate in which I’m falling for you.
I’m amazed at how comfortable you make me feel.
You’ve wooed me with your charm and chivalry.
You make me strive to be better
You want me just the way I am.
For this my dear you’re special.
Although we’re only at the beginning,
I hope it never gets to the end.
You’re worth fighting for
But I know I don’t have to fight for you
You laugh at my corny jokes,
You ask me how my day was,

And you listen to my reply.
Our distance makes my heart grow fonder

Babe I can't wait for this summer with you

PS - I love reading all your blogs and some of you need to stop talking about twitter and making me jealous. I wanna get one but I'm gonna wait till the summer when schoolwork is over cos I know that thing is addicting. I guess then you guys will get to see what I look like and know my identity.


  1. People who never dated anyone prior to their spouses don't feel this way...but I kinda get the feeling. The first high-school love for instance will always be remembered...all the love letters and all what not. Lol.

    Nice poem.

  2. Nice poem, I also agree with Jaycee.
    I love this lines
    "You’re worth fighting for
    But I know I don’t have to fight for you"
    Yeah u should get on twitter. lol

  3. awesome... i redrafted that and sent it 2 my girl and she's all over me again.
    keep them coming...

  4. I loved that the poem was free style, it had all the heart it needs. Really very good.

  5. Spontaneous, heart-felt n beautiful; hope u find the person who deserves a poem like this.

  6. Aww that poem was sweet.
    Sounds like possible wedding vows.

    The one that got away....

    But then what happens if/when that love resurfaces??

    I hate to think of that.

  7. sorry i didn't read the poem yet but I just had to write this. That picture is beautiful. Where did you get it from?

  8. The poem is nice, it about a LDR right. I just realized dt there are 2 pictures in dis post, I meant the one with the red umbrella

  9. *sigh* Love... I love "Love", that whole fuzzy feeling of you never leaving that person and vice versa... and being with that special person... *sigh* *sigh* Yes ooo Absence makes the heart grow fonder indeed.

  10. Love the poem, Love the picture of the couple.

  11. That's a lovely poem. Errr I joined twitter and still didn't get the hype so as of now, I think I've even forgotten my user name. lol

  12. Nice.. Really. So you both intend to hook up for summer?
    Hmm, Happy Loverholic days ahead..
    Lol, Nice poem,I also think I've seen the movie.Sounds farmilar but can't place it.

  13. I really love all these comments I'm sorry I'm replying so late.
    @Jaycee - that's true those people are lucky
    @NBB - Thanks I'm not getting on twitter till the summer
    @neefemi - Thank you
    @lani - Haha I'm glad I helped you
    @Myne - Thanks I'm not a poet but I definitley wrote from the heart.
    @kay9 - Thanks! I still have time on my side
    @Fabulo-la - lol thanks no wedding vows here anytime soon... I don't really know what happens if it resurfaces
    @Rene - Yea it's about a LDR and I think I typed in love on google images and it was one of the first pics that showed up and I just loved it. Also if u click on the picture it takes you to the website.
    Mwajim Al - Lol I love that fuzzy feeling too!
    @The Girl With Red Hair - Thanks you!
    @Original Mbeke - lol I'm sure it takes time to adjust to twitter
    @sosexy - Thanks well we'll be closer in the summer and I think I'm gonna use that word loverholic lol I don't remember the name of the movie.


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