Thursday, May 6, 2010

Relieved? Yes

Exams? Done. Sleep? Deprived. Clothes? Packed.
I can't believe how fast this school year went. I'm going home tomorrow and I will probably hibernate in my room for a week to destress. I will also be back to fully blogging.


  1. yay u!!
    can't wait to be done too!

  2. Please please. I miss you!Thank God it is all over.. I'm happy for you..

  3. YAY FOR SUMMER BREAKS!!! Can't wait for mine *closing eyes and praying for the next two wks to fly as well*

  4. Glad u finished ur exam. I guess it was good. Nice to have u back.

  5. NakedSha - aww thanks!!!
    iphyigbogurl - Goodluck on your exams!
    Lara - lol thanks
    Harry-Rami Itie - I know the feeling goodluck with your exams.
    2cute4u - Thank you love I'm soo glad to be done
    Sugarking - Thanks!!!
    Mwajim Al - I love summer breaks! don't worry it'll be over by the time you know it.
    NBB - Thanks! Exams were fine just glad to be done.


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